Q: Who is paying for all of this?

Fundraising and crowdfunding. This project will receive no financial assistance from the City of Norman.

Q: What will happen to the current city flag?

It will remain as the logo for the City of Norman Government and municipal agencies. Street signs, city vehicles etc. will go unchanged.

Q: Why are we doing this when the city has so many other things to work on?

A: As this is citizen led, it is designed to present no additional burden to city staff and officials. While we are working closely with city staff and officials, it will not detract from their current obligations.

Q: Who is going to design the flag?

A: One of you! We will be crowdsourcing the design. In the coming months we will roll out time frames and guidelines for submitting your ideas for a new city flag.

Q: Why a new flag?

A: Check out our links page for some great articles discussing the benefits of a well designed city flag.

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